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Are you a group of friends looking for a truly local experience in Hanoi?

Are you looking for a clean and secure place to stay, which is close enough to the famous places in Hanoi?

MINIMALISM HOME -EASTERNSTAY  is what you are looking for. With handmade furniture & decoration, simple style, the house is located near the West Lake. It takes 3-5 minutes walking to reach the lake. There are many coffee shops, local restaurants, and mini pubs, convenience stores along the lakeside.

From our house, you would be easy to find the local market, supper market, shopping center, many local restaurants & coffee shops on on Vong Thi street and Lac Long Quan street.

The location is near some attractions including:

  • The West Lake with many ancient pagodas & temples: 0.5 km
  • Vietnam Museum of Ethonology: 3km
  • One Pillar Pagoda: 4 km
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: 4 km
  • Temple of Literature: 4.9 km
  • Museum of Fine Art: 4.9 km
  • Thang Long Empiral Cidatel: 5 km
  • Old Quarter: 6 km
  • Hoan Kiem Lake: 6.5km


If you use Iphone, we suggest that you use an tour-guide application named which play as an tour guide during your trip in Ha Noi. We have all instructions for you here to help you design the nice and saving-money tours.

Không gian căn hộ

MINIMALISM HOME -EASTERNSTAY is a house located near the West Lake, It takes 3-5 minutes walking to reach the lake. There are many coffee shops, local restaurants, and mini pubs along the lakeside.

The house has 6 studio rooms, 2 of them are Domitory Studio Room with 8 beds, a kitchen, a sofa and a coffee table, a working table & chairs.

Facilities of 8-bed room includes:

- 04 Bunk beds (100cm x 200cm)

- Private bathroom with toiletries & hot water

- Cotton linen towels

- A Bathroom comes with the shower, shampoo and body wash

- High-speed wifi (60MbPS)

- Air-conditioner

- Small refrigerator, kettle

- Private kitchen with appliances, utensils and dishes

- Locked Boxes (on the first floor)

- Hairdryer

- Working table & chairs

- Sofa and coffee table

- Iron and ironing board

Besides your room, there are some common places where you can use:

1st Floor:

- The hall: we equip some sofas, coffee tables, and a large dining table for you to meet friends, drink coffee,...

- The kitchen: It is a large place where we equip the gas cookers, utensils, coffee machine, fridge, microwave, oven, dishes,...

- Backyard: It is where people place the garbages. Please cover your garbages with the provided bag and put it here (you can take the new bag in the kitchen). We collect garbages and dump them every day.

- WC: It is under the staircase. Please keep clean after using it.

2nd Floor - Library:

  • Library: This is an ideal place for people who love reading. You can find here some useful information about Vietnam because we are trying to collect books, pictures, and documents related to places and culture in Vietnam. With this information, we hope that we could help you plan better for your trips.

5th Floor – Terrace

Washing machine area is on the 5th floor. You can use the washing machine and hang out your clothes here. We prepared washing detergents. They are all for free

Tiện nghi phòng

  • Không gian thư giãn ngoài trời
  • Vườn
  • Ban công
  • Lò nướng
  • Khu giặt giũ
  • Nơi phơi đồ
  • Chỗ để xe máy
  • Móc treo quần áo
  • Internet
  • Máy sấy tóc
  • Cho phép thú nuôi
  • Giấy ăn
  • Giấy vệ sinh
  • Điều hòa
  • Tủ lạnh
  • Lò vi sóng
  • Bếp ga/điện
  • Sữa tắm
  • Kem đánh răng
  • Khăn tắm
  • Nước khoáng
  • Dầu gội, dầu xả
  • Wifi
  • Máy giặt

Dịch vụ

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Số người ở

Giá phòng

Giá theo ngày 1,000,000 đ/ ngày (Có thể thay đổi theo ngày lễ)

Giờ checkin: 14:00:00

Giờ checkout: 12:00:00

Phí dọn dẹp 100,000 đ (mỗi lần ở)

Lưu ý căn hộ

At EasternStay , you are free to go in and out and at any time, you only have to notice some points:

  • Lower the sound & noise volume after 22:00 pm
  • Keep the utensil arrangement and clean the common places after using them (sitting room, kitchen & washing machine)
  • Please water the plants in your room if possible
  • Turn off lights, air conditioning, and electrical appliances when you are not using them.
  • Lock the door and close the windows when leaving the property.
  • Be careful when using cooking appliances, heaters, or other fire hazards.
  • Additional charges may apply for any loss or damages.
  • Please water the plants in your room & balcony if possible
  • Guests of all ages are welcome.

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